Mystic Mantra Meditation Course

14 Lessons

About this course

A huge WELCOME to you, 
We feel honoured that you will go on this journey with us, Lulu & Mischka, into the depth of Mantra, music, meditation and the blossoming of your heart.

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This course is designed to enhance your life with more inner peace, joy, presence and clarity; a wider understanding of mantra, a deep experience of the power of sound and meditation and how to integrate all of this into your life.

We have now done week 1 together in the free life session and have 3 more weeks ahead.

Session 1, 2 & 3 from the course is what we did in the free live 6 days. These are already available for you now to repeat. Enjoy.

Next session will be session 4 on Monday 23rd August as pre-recorded.

You will receive regular emails with new sessions every 3-4 days a new session will be published and in between (probably on the weekends) we will share a live session via exclusive access to youtube live video.

We will send another email with all information on Monday 23rd August. 

Please go to the INTRO SESSION and watch the video. 

BlesSINGS, Lulu & Mischka

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Course Structure

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Intro Session

Welcome, this is your intro session, please watch this video to hear and see how to use this course.

Thank you so much for your purchase.

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Session 1

Welcome to session number 1.
Aham Prema

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Session 2

Welcome to session number 2
Aad Gureh Nameh

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Session 3

Welcome to session number 3
Today's Mantra is Jaya Ganesha

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Session 4

Welcome to session number 4. This time the mantra is: Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha
This is from our album Hearts Wide Open

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Bonus session: Voice lesson

Enjoy the beautiful bonus session with Lulu teaching you a short voice activation. 

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Session 5

Welcome to session number 5. We are half way through the course.
We trust you are having a beautiful time with the sessions.
Today's Mantra is one of our and many people's favourite: Om Shree Sache. A very powerful Mantra invocation. Enjoy, go deep

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Session 6

Welcome to session 6
Today we work with the Mantra-song Warriors Of Light/Hare Ram

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Bonus session: Grounding

A beautiful, short 10 minute video sharing about grounding and offering a very simple practice to integrate the meditations better into life

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Session 7

Welcome to session number 7. We will work with the powerful Gayatri Mantra

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Session 8

Welcome to session 8. A beautiful Mantra, wishing all beings well and happy. You are almost at the end of the course. Make the most out of it and keep practicing daily.

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Bonus session: Breathing

Enjoy this wonderful bonus session - breathing exercises. Very simple, but very potent. Our breath is the key to vitality.

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Extra Mantra session 9

Welcome to the extra Mantra session 9. Our final Mantra together for this course. Thank you for this journey with us. Enjoy. Keep chanting

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Bonus session: Tutorials

Enjoy the wonderful tutorial videos to learn how to play some of our songs and mantras on guitar or harmonium