free 6 days global Mantra Meditations
online retreat

Find inner Peace  -  Amidst The Chaos

free 6 days global  Mantra Meditations   online experience

Find inner Peace  -  Amidst The Chaos


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Monday  13th - 18th April

Mantra Into Meditation  -  with Lulu & Mischka
more clarity, inner peace, true joy & connection

Including access to 3 sessions from their amazing 4 weeks online course
& 3 Facebook live sessions (replays available)

<< Daily 20-30min session  -  Easy to integrate into your life >>

>>> followed by an exclusive offer to continue their full course for those wanting to go deeper!  

A global experience of connection and intention. Sing and meditate with thousands of people around the world at the same time - for inner and global peace.

We will share 1 daily beautiful session for 6 days!

"So beautiful, my heart is bubbling over and warmth flows through me. I thank you."

"Wow! What a wonderful frequency of love flows through your voices dear Lulu and dear Mischka. Every cell of my body vibrated and a stream of bliss and peace flowed through me. Tears of joy are flowing through me and a wonderful feeling of connectedness, love and bliss flows through me ???Om shanti"

Mira - Retreat participant

​​Enhance your life quality with more inner peace and joy.

Listen to our song "Om Shree Sache" while reading our page ;-)

​Chanting as 1 voice around the planet,
from the comfort of your home.

Effortless and beyond any dogma 

authentic guidance
by global musicians and inner peace facilitators Lulu & Mischka

Bringing your whole family together to sing

​​Lulu & Mischka’s ​
​​authentic and unique Mantra music...

​...often merges traditional Mantras with their own soulful english lyrics. A perfect blend to deepen into the emotion and energy, and then dive and surrender into the countless repetitions of the powerful Mantra, freeing your mind, resting in serenity.

​What ​to expect?
Mystic Mantra Meditations Live Session

  • cleansing of the mind from anxiety, stress, overwhelm and doubt
  • boost your immune system from the inside out through shifting your emotions through the power of sound vibrations
  • gain knowledge and understanding about 3 Mantras and how to integrate their wisdom
  • ​syncing our intention around the world
  • uplift your own vibrations through universal sound formulas aka Mantras
  • Free access to 3 sessions from the powerful 4 weeks online course
  • ​beyond dogma, connecting with the essence of life
  • ​sound, mantra and your own voice will help soften your energetic body
  • ​relaxation - through chanting and the way we naturally use our breath
  • have fun and cultivate true joy in these bizarre and challenging times

No prior experience needed, you don't have to have a ‘great voice’, everyone who can talk can join (… actually even without a voice you can join)


Now more than ever do we need more balance and presence in our lives and the world!
Have you had enough of feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

​These simple sessions can be a kick start to a transformational and joyful path using sound as a tool for more clarity, relaxation and freedom.

​Why Mantra? And what is it? 

​Mantra can be translated as “tool for” or “liberation of” the “mind” (syllable ‘Man’ = mind & ‘tra’ = tool, liberate; in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India). These are universal, non-dogmatic sound formulas of either 1 word or longer sentences, derived straight from nature. Each mantra not only holds a meaning but the actual sounds vibrate the intent into your being and out into the world. There is a whole science behind it, but even without a lot of knowledge the benefits are easy accessible for all.

​LOVE at first SOUND - about Lulu & Mischka

a love story

​Lulu & Mischka met chanting, they heard each other before they saw each other in a candle lit, dark cave at an alternative festival in Australia. Heart songs and mantras brought them together, joining forces of their already existing love for this practice for presence, inner peace and joy.

Through this potent alliance and their hearts’ calling to support the awakening of humanity they committed to sharing what they loved most.

​And here is our prayer and commitment now manifesting.

​After countless chanting concerts from concert halls to campfires, from festivals to intimate lounge room gatherings, from high-end wellness resorts to grassroots movements, we want to share this opportunity globally to join in 1 intention, find a moment of clarity, bliss and presence together…

​… all for our own inner peace and balance, as well as the global consciousness.

Sound & intent will not only heal ourselves through the potent vibration on a cellular level, and bring positive thoughts to our mind, but it is also a fast track to connect and send this positivity anywhere, beyond the limits of time and space.

WARNING: This practice can change your life! 

Highly addictive in the best sense >>> Nothing needed but the power of your mind and voice.
Fully independent, embracing the beauty of life.

Join the free 6 days global Mantra Meditation online experience, for your own well being... for outer peace!

Let the sessions soften your heart and be present in the here and now, full of life, full of joy.

​“If we want there to be peace in the world, we have to be brave enough to soften what is rigid in our hearts, to find the soft spot and stay with it. We have to have that kind of courage, and take that kind of responsibility. That's the true practice of peace." ~ Pema Chodron

What people say about our music:

“​Nourishing, enriching, heart opening”

"Thank you Lulu and Mischka for everything you do in this world. The mantras are changing my life and bringing more ease and flow and trust.I am loving this course so very much and every new mantra, they are all my favourites:) I don’t want it to end.
The peace inside is so wonderful. Thank you for your guidance. I‘m noticing how the mantras are becoming companions in my daily life. They arise from my soul and I sing them internally or out loud and feel the connection we all have.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are wonderful teachers."

- Online course participant

​"So gentle, so beautiful, so deeply touching."

"Enchanting! Sounds as from the vastness of the sky and the depth of our earth right into the heart. 

​Your music, it is very profound and charming!
Tears flow and thoughts drift away!

Deeply touched ... without words ... heart walls melt and tears flow ... just heart music. Blessed be. Namasté ?"

- Workshop participant

Take a few minutes watch and listen to our song. 

Be taken to a magical place and see what feelings arise. 

(Headphones are the best to go deeper into it.)

Frequently ​asked ​questions

​What are the personal benefits?

​What is Mantra Meditation and how does it work?

​​What does each session contain?

​​How long will each session take?

​Do I have to sit cross legged for the meditation ;-) ?

​​Will I be able to see the sessions at a different time? Will they be recorded?

We would love to see you chant and meditate with us!

P.S.: Tell all your friends about it and let this be a global ... 

Our goal is to get 10.000 people chant together for inner and global peace. Help us to make it real.

Spread the word and tell your friends. Share this website link on your social media.
These sessions are open for everyone!

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